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According to police, a car accident that occurred Sunday night left two individuals dead. The accident occurred after 23 year-old man driving a Dodge Charger impacted another vehicle. Due to the impact of the accident, the driver of the vehicle that was hit was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident occurred in Dallas at around 10:16 in the evening.

Multiple Gunshot Wounds

There is, however, much more to the accident. Upon investigating the cause of the accident, authorities found that the 23 year-old man had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, which means it is likely he was involved in a shooting in some form or another and escaped in the vehicle. The accident occurred after the driver, travelling westbound, swerved into the eastbound lanes on Scyene Road.

Upon entering the oncoming traffic lane, the driver impacted the other vehicle, head-on. The force of the accident was so great that both vehicles travelled 40 to 60 yards from the intersection. It is reported that the 23 year-old man died shortly after in the hospital. No other injuries were reported.

Why Should You Be Careful Driving in the Weekend?

Driving during the week is one thing, but driving during the weekend is another, for several reasons. First, the majority of traffic is during the time that people drive to and from work. This means that after these hours have passed, the road is not as congested. During the weekend, however, it is a different story.

While there aren’t as many cars on the road, there are other factors that contribute to sometimes terrible accidents, which lead us to the second point: reckless activities. Bad decisions such as drinking and driving, speeding, driving without a seatbelt, and so on, are more likely to happen in a weekend than on a regular work day. Such was the case for the driver that caused the accident, who had multiple gunshot wounds at the time of the accident. This begs the question: why was he shot? Was he involved in some sort of gang activity that resulted him in being shot? Other questions exist that investigators must answer, but due to the fact that the driver died, we may never know.

For this reason, people who choose to drive late in the weekends must do so very carefully, always aware of their surroundings. From the Anderson Injury Lawyers, we encourage all drivers to make responsible decisions when choosing to drive, and remember: drive safely.