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One of the most irresponsible act that a person can do is to make the terrible decision of driving while drunk. This act not only places themselves at risk of being in an accident, it places the risk of other drivers and passengers on the road. At the Anderson Injury Lawyers, we strongly encourage for drivers who have consumed alcohol to call a family member or a friend to take them home – anything but driving drunk.

Drunk driving accidents are one of the most lethal causes for vehicle-related deaths in the United States. Due to several factors, such as impaired vision, loss of focus, a reduction of cognitive skills and the like, place people at risk of failing to properly and safely driver their vehicle. While drunk driving is a well-publicized issue and is strongly opposed in society, people still choose place others at risk by driving under the influence of alcohol. The effects of drunk driving can be detrimental to the victim of a drunk driver’s negligent actions.

This is the case of the families of a couple are mourning the loss of  52-year-old Greg Muirhead and his fiancé, 50-year-old Shannon Foster Casada, who were riding a motorcycle when a drunk driver in a pickup truck impacted them, and caused them their death.

One Last Ride

The accident occurred on Sunday on Highway 377, where a driver in a pickup truck attempted to make an illegal U-turn came in the way of the couple. According to investigators, Muirhead, who was conducting the motorcycle, hit the brakes to avoid impact, but it was too late. The motorcycle impacted the pickup truck on the left side, and due to the collision both Muirhead and Casada died.

It has also been discovered that the driver of the pickup truck has three previous arrests dating back from 2009 involving DWI charges, and he has been charged with DWI and involuntary manslaughter.

Family and friends of the couple stated they were a loving couple with a lot of love towards their family and each other. It is also reported that a firefighter in the site of the accident found the main diamond to Casada’s engagement ring.

Why Drive Drunk?

Although the question may seem odd, it is a straightforward question that must be answered by anyone who even considers driving after consuming unsafe volumes of alcohol. Is placing oneself and others in danger really worth it? Is choosing to do something that can affect one’s driving record worth the ride? The answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT.

There have been numerous amounts of lives that have been lost as a result of someone else’s actions, and every time it happens it involves pain and suffering to the victim’s family member. Living with the guilt of having caused the death of someone else is something that no one would like to do. Next time someone thinks about driving while intoxicated, they must place their selfishness aside and think about the detrimental effects it can cause other people on the road.