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As previously mentioned in our other posts, drunk driving is one of the most dangerous an irresponsible act a driver can do. Not only do drunk drivers place others at risk, they place themselves at risk at being injured in a car wreck. This is what happened this past Monday night in Dallas. What happened to be just another night out quickly turned into a multiple-vehicle accident with a fatality. As this post will show, drinking and driving is something that should never be done.

A Strong Impact

According to authorities, a drunk driving accident occurred around 11:00 in the evening in the intersection of Buckner Boulevard and Garland Road. The accident occurred when a driver sped through a red light and crashed against the right side of a car passing the intersection. The impact was so great that the car that was hit was left spinning, hitting another vehicle before coming to a stop. The passenger of the car that was hit by the first vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders. It was later revealed that the female passenger was the wife of the driver of the vehicle. The husband suffered bodily injuries although they are not life-threatening.

The driver that caused the accident has been identified as a 25-year-old man. Police officers found a bottle of red wine, still open in the vehicle. The drunk driver was charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Why Do People Still Drink and Drive?

This is a very important question, without a doubt. Even though drivers know the risks and consequences of driving while intoxicated, the real question is why do they still do it? First, there are physical consequences. The driver can fatally injure others or themselves if they crash against another vehicle or object. Second, there are long-term consequences. Losing a loved one is something that no one wants to go through. As for the drunk driver, being incarcerated for a moment’s decision is something that can affect their job prospects, school admissions, and more. In other words, it just isn’t worth it. It’s not worth having a moment’s decision stain the rest of the lives of others. As responsible adults, it is not an option to drive safely: it is a requirement that comes with every driver.

For this reason, people who drink must have other options available than choosing to drive intoxicated. Thanks to technology, there are many ways a driver can get home. For example, there are apps such as Uber and Lyft that can transport someone to their desired location at a simple rate. Or, they can simply ask their friends to give them a ride. If a smartphone is not available, then simply taking a bus or taxi will accomplish the same goal: getting home without anyone becoming injured. Any option is better than driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, before making the irresponsible decision to place the lives of others at risk, a driver must make the optimal decision of not drinking and driving.