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Intoxicated mother Kisha Young let six children ride on the hood and trunk of her Chevrolet Malibu because their clothes were wet. The group, including another adult, had been swimming at a local community pool in Crowley.

The children, ranging in age from 8 to 14, slipped off the car and were flung into the road after Young took a corner too fast. Neighbors and bystanders watched as Young drove away completely unaware that the kids were no longer hanging onto her car.

The four kids that were on the trunk were seriously injured. All but one has been released from Cook Children’s in Fort Worth. The 12-year-old girl is still being treated for a serious head injury and was unconscious when paramedics showed up to the scene.

Right now, it is still unclear how many of the six children are actually Young’s. She was arrested and charged with intoxication assault, and the other unnamed adult in the car is not yet facing any charges. Police are doing a full investigation and will reevaluate the situation.

Any parent in their right mind would never allow young children to ride on top of their car, which goes to show how alcohol can greatly impair thinking behind the wheel of a car. If any of these children actually don’t belong to Young, she can be held liable for negligently caring for someone else’s children.

Those kids’ parents entrusted her with their children (if they aren’t Young’s), and the children were critically injured as a result of her horrible actions. Any parents involved, especially those of the 12-year-old girl, should seek compensation for injuries. I don’t know just how severe any of the injuries actually are, but I imagine they must be bad from falling off of a moving car traveling fairly quickly.

As a child injury lawyer, I always like to remind people that you can be held liable for children that are in your care, even if it’s just for an hour or two. You must watch them and protect them from any harm, just as you would for your own children.