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An unexpected entrance to the car world came from Dyson this week. Wait, are you talking about the England-based company that makes vacuums? Yes, that Dyson. Not only is Dyson entering the car manufacturing business, they are doing so by making a promise to launch an electric car in 2020. Let’s put all of this together: Dyson – the British company that makes appliances – will launch an electric car within three years’ time. Is this possible?

Evidently the only way we will find out is in 2020, when Dyson’s presumed vehicle will be released to the public. No matter what the results of their finished product will be, it will definitely be an interesting timeline to track – especially because the company does not even have a prototype built.

A Small Project with Big Funding

Adding a completely different product line such as an electric vehicle to a market that is already filled with successful competitors (such as Elon Musk’s company, Tesla) is no easy task. According to reports, Sir James Dyson, founder of Dyson, started this new project because of his disappointment with the amount of emissions that car companies have caused through their gasoline-powered vehicles. For this reason, Dyson started a secret team two years ago focused on researching and developing a vehicle that is powered entirely through electric energy.

Funding the project will certainly be no issue. Dyson is set to invest £2 billion on its project car, or in other words, roughly $2.7 billion. This is in comparison to the $465 million loan that the U.S. government lent to Tesla in 2009, which the company paid back around 10 years early, in 2013. However, something important to consider is how different the electric vehicle market will be in 2020. Companies such as Land Rover, Volvo, and many others have already announced their developments on new technologies that will make electric cars an important product to the automobile market.

Can Dyson Meet the 2020 Deadline?

It is important to remember that while Dyson has a large amount of money to invest, it may not be enough in terms of how far the other car companies are already. Many of these companies have created cars for over 100 years which gives them leverage over new companies, such as Tesla and Dyson. Furthermore, in order for Dyson to be approved for the public, it must pass a series of rigorous tests, which is something that may hold the company back unless they move from drawing designs to producing a prototype.

While Dyson may want to do things quickly to meet their self-imposed deadline, it is important to keep safety as a priority. This involves making sure that all steering, braking, and maneuvering capabilities are well accounted for to ensure the safety of the electric car’s drivers and passengers. There is no point of rushing a product on the sole basis of entering the car manufacturing world of tomorrow if safety is neglected. That being said, should Dyson keep safety as its top priority and designs a vehicle with zero emissions, it may actually be a vehicle worth looking into.