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Car accidents can be one of the most dangerous features of driving. On one second, everything seems to be going as planned, when all of a sudden and without warning an individual can be caught in the middle of a deadly crash. This was the case of the individual whose rollover accident was so severe that he was pronounced dead on the scene of the wreck. Although car accidents are dangerous, there are occasionally some more than others that have higher fatality rates.

A Deadly Rollover

An investigation has taken way after a rollover accident resulted in the death of one individual early Sunday morning, according to local authorities. The accident occurred after a car who was going southbound on West Green Oaks Boulevard collided with a median, causing the vehicle to roll multiple times and go on to the oncoming northbound traffic. The vehicle’s driver, although the name has not been disclosed, is reported to be in his mid-20s. Due to the fact that the accident occurred at such an early time in the weekend (1:30 on Sunday morning), officials are considering if alcohol or speed were determining factors in the accident.

Investigating the Accident

As previously mentioned, detectives and other officials in Arlington are still investigating the cause of the fatal accident. While accidents involving two vehicles are typically easier to determine what caused the accident to occur, it can be more difficult and take more time to investigate a one-person, one-car accident for several reasons. First, due to the fact that the accident was fatal, the driver cannot be questioned, which would set back the investigation back. Secondly, the causes of a rollover accident can easily be difficult to assess. Only after a detailed investigation of both the driver and the vehicle has been completed is when a reasonable conclusion can be made. In the meantime, investigators must rely on evidence that is easily and quickly accessible. Any posthumous reports must wait until they have been evaluated and clear by a forensics team, which could take several weeks to complete.

For this and other reasons, rollover accidents are considered one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. As mentioned in the description of the accident, the vehicle rolled over to oncoming traffic. If the vehicle that was rolling over had impacted or collided with another vehicle, there could have been additional people with injuries, or worse, fatalities.

How Can Rollover Accidents Be Avoided?

While there are accidents that have been unavoidable, there are occasions where a car accident could have been avoided. A rollover accident can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • A vehicle hitting another vehicle
  • Ice or other weather conditions affecting the road
  • A combination of heavy braking and turning
  • Distractions while driving

To avoid being in a rollover accident, it is important to avoid doing any maneuvers that can cause a vehicle to shift from one direction to another, especially in high speed. Being alert and aware at all times and knowing which maneuvers can be properly taken at a last moment can literally be a life saver.