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The majority of the time that someone mentions a truck wreck, most people think of the truck causing the accident. There are, however, times where a truck wreck is caused by other drivers, and the truck driver can be injured as a result. This is what occurred early Friday morning in North Texas, where a truck caused multiple lanes to be closed after a multi-vehicle wreck took place.

A Fiery Crash

According to authorities, a truck driver died after the 18-wheeler he was driving caught fire and was pushed almost completely off a bridge in Interstate 30 at around 5:45 in the morning. The truck was left hanging, with a great portion of the truck’s cab falling over the bridge. The truck driver was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries. Although the exact cause of the accident is not clear and is under investigation, there were multiple other vehicles involved in the wreck. One of these vehicles caught fire as well.

Witnesses note there were large quantities of black smoke sent to the sky after the explosion that caused the truck to catch fire took place. Eastbound I-30 was temporarily closed so hazardous material teams could clean and clear spilled fuel from the accident. Also, drivers who were commuting on I-30 mentioned visibility issues on the highway due to the amount of smoke that was launched into the air because of the wreck. When a driver comes into contact with heavy smoke, it is important to not drive into the smoke due to not being able to see other drivers.

Should Cars Be More Careful Around Trucks?

As drivers, we typically hear about the dangers of driving too close to a truck or being in an accident that was caused by a truck. What happens when a car causes a truck wreck to occur? Perhaps the car was driving too close to the truck and hit the truck, or perhaps the car was attempting to switch lanes when it accidentally hit one of the truck’s tires? In this case, the truck driver would be the victim of the car wreck. Although truck drivers can be at-fault for a wreck many times, car drivers can also be at-fault for causing a wreck to occur.

For this reason, it is important to note that drivers of any sort should be aware and cautious of other vehicles, regardless of the size of the other vehicle. For example, truck drivers make the effort to give cars enough space to pass, which is something to remember when a truck driver is attempting to change lanes. Being courteous to other drivers is essential. This means it is important to keep a safe distance, using turn signals, stopping with an appropriate distance, and all other safety measures to make sure that all drivers are safe. Remember, driving is a responsibility for all. This includes not texting and driving, driving on the right speed limit, and not making the irresponsibly decision to drink and drive.