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Since 1997, tow trucks across Fort Worth have relied on a city ordinance that dictates when towing companies can send their trucks to the scene of an accident. When an accident occurs, the towing company that is called to the scene is expected to arrive within half an hour to the scene, but here’s the catch: the companies are called on a rotating basis. This means that if a towing company has already been contacted earlier in the day, they must wait until another towing company is contacted and used to clear a wreck.

With the advancing of technology, however, there is a new initiative to use an electronic vendor to dispatch when and where a tow company must go. In other words, the independent, rotating method of dispatching the trucks would be replaced by a single, focused system. With the 1997 ordinance expiring this September, towing companies are skeptic of the new proposal.

Not Everyone is Happy

The proposal to use the new technology was made by Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald, when he told Fort Worth’s City Council that using the system would be both efficient and would save the city money. This system uses GPS technology to track tow trucks and match them with the closes accident. If a tow truck is closes to the accident, then that tow truck gets to go to the scene. Such efficiency would help clear accidents at a much faster rate; for example, a tow truck that is five minutes away from the accident could respond to the scene much quicker than a tow truck that is twenty minutes away.

Although the police department has met with multiple towing companies in the past months, some, like Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray, state that the new approach could hurt local Fort Worth business. A towing company has a similar concern, stating that the idea of one technological system controlling independent companies is not fair. One of the biggest concerns could be that distance plays an important role in which tow truck gets called first; if a towing company is far from the scene, it could have a significant disadvantage in making profit, especially if the company’s physical location is far from where most accidents occur.

On the other side of the argument, there are those that argue that with the advancing of technology, new approaches can be incorporated to ensure the city is improving its efficiency. The police chief has noted that other cities are doing similar initiatives.

What Would You Consider as “Fair Game”?

With both side of the argument having legitimate points, it can be difficult to know which side to be on. Do you support the side that favors new technological innovations, or do you support the local businesses that are concerned their businesses could be hurt by the proposal? In regards to the proposal itself, it is important for all aspects to be closely considered before making a decision. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the new proposal, and as always, please remember to drive safely.