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Lawn workers clipped a 6-inch gas line that forced street closures and the evacuation of several houses in Fort Worth yesterday. No fires or explosions resulted from the gas leak, but firefighters stayed on the scene for a while to make sure that the accumulated gas would not cause any problems. The repair crew from Atmos Energy responded quickly and was able to seal the clipped line.

Although this incident was not the fault of the gas company, most incidents are a result of their wrongdoing. Gas companies are so focused on expanding lines for new developments that they rarely make time to replace old, rusty pipelines that run the risk of leaking gas.

There could be hundreds of faulty pipelines underneath the houses of DFW residents, and we don’t even know it. Gas leaks such as this one can lead to an accumulation of gas in the air, which can lead to fires and massive explosions.

With all of the gas-related explosions seen in the news, it’s comforting to hear that this gas leak did not lead to anything deadly. I am representing the family of clients as a 7-years-old whose life has been devastatingly altered because of a gas explosion. Major burns have changed this 7-year-old’s life forever as she continues to recover from her injuries.  She will also most likely suffer from scarring for the rest of her life.

This little girl didn’t deserve this, and neither does anyone else. If these lawn workers had not caught the clipped gas line, there could have been a serious, potential danger for the families of this Fort Worth neighborhood. This was simply an accident, but the other incidents in the area can be seen as negligence on behalf of the gas companies. They have a duty to safety that must be addressed in order to keep homeowners safe.