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General Motors is now requesting that a federal judge in Washington does not release information related to its 2009 government rescue from a consumer-advocacy group that is looking into the ignition-switch defect that has led to the recall of 2.59 million vehicles so far this year.

The Center for Auto Safety is a group that is working to reveal the government’s connection to funding GM’s defects in relation to the bailout. The center continues is demanding the necessary records about the U.S. role in freeing the carmaker from liabilities so that customers and accident victims have no way of recovering money.

It was ruled in 2009 that General Motors would be liable for accidents resulting from defects, but it would not be liable for claims for economic damages on old GM cars. Even though owners of defective GM vehicles now have cars that are worth a much lesser value, they will receive no compensation.

According to the Center for Auto Safety, GM has successfully covered up the ignition switch defect for up to ten years, including the time during their bailout. The center says that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court used about $50 billion dollars to bailout GM, while they are entirely unwillingly to compensate customers for the defects.

I think that GM has successfully dug themselves a very deep hole that they are realizing they may not be able to get out of. They put their loyal customers at risk for ten years, and who knows how many accidents were caused by this recently discovered ignition switch defect.

It seems as though this mess continues to get worse and worse with every passing day, but GM is refusing to budge. They have taken the minimal amount of responsibility for their mistakes, and are facing more product liability claims than they could have ever imagined.

If you or a loved one or an owner of a GM vehicle and have recently been in an accident related to the ignition switch defect, you can seek compensation. You should not have to pay for this company’s mistakes, especially when your tax dollars already did just that a few years ago.

Defective products such as this are deadly, and a product liability lawyer can help you sort out the mess that GM has unnecessarily created for you and your family. Give Anderson Injury Lawyers a call at 817-717-4731 to set up a consultation and get a better understanding of your options for this defect.