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General Motors has been forced to recall almost 800,000 vehicles after a spate of accidents which have resulted in several fatalities.

According to GM, the problem is related to faulty ignition switches which are responsible for at least 22 known accidents, and at least six deaths.

GM has issued a recall for a total of 778,562 of their 2005-2007 model year Chevrolet Cobalts and their 2007 model year 2007 Pontiac G5 compacts.

Although this recall is related to flawed ignitions switches, it is worth noting that the problems experienced by owners of GM vehicles are by no means exclusive to them. It has been well known for at least 50 years that ignition problems can be caused by too-heavy key rings.

That’s right – you could actually decrease your risk of a wreck by simply removing unneeded keys and heavy key fobs from your key ring.

The problem is that heavy key rings can cause your automobile’s ignition switch to ware down prematurely. When this happens, the ignition switch can be pulled out, resulting in a variety of problems such as sudden stalling or failure of the airbags.

If you have a bunch of keys or other keepsakes on your key ring, take this opportunity to remove them. If you own one of the recalled Chevy or Pontiac cars, then contact your local GM dealership for more information.