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Car accidents are not something that is unusual in North Texas. With the frequent construction and inner-city traffic that is present most mornings and afternoons, it is not strange to hear about an accident that has backed-up a certain lane, closed others, or re-routed traffic to a completely new direction. However, there are some accidents that are different in certain ways from others. This is the case for an accident that could have otherwise had a different, terrible ending, had a group of bystanders not come to the rescue.

Helping Hands

An accident that occurred on highway I-20 in Arlington caused a minivan to flip over. The minivan was carrying a family of six that was trapped inside the vehicle. Here is where the story gets interesting: a group of men decided to take matters into their own hands by lifting the vehicle off the median. All six family members were able to get out of the vehicle, which included two parents, three kids, and their grandmother.

A spokesperson with the Arlington Police Department acknowledged the bravery of those that helped getting the family out of safety. According to reports, the minivan that was flipped was one of three vehicles impacted by an accident caused by two racing vehicles. One woman who appears to be a suspect has been arrested and is currently facing DWI charges. The area where the accident took place has been an area with increased police surveillance due to the amount of incidents taking place. So far over 140 citations have been given since the new safety campaign started.

What Would YOU Do?

What occurred in the situation mentioned above is something worth noting. It would not have been unusual for people to drive past the accident, and if bystanders happened to be nearby, what would have been the real likelihood that they would have collectively turn a car over to save the lives of a family? The reality of many accidents that occur is that witnesses and bystanders do just that. They witness the situation (whether it was a crash occurring or a car upside down), or they stand by the accident (bystanders) waiting for someone else to take control of the situation.

Due to the fact that we live in a world that courtesy and consideration are not always present, it is up to us, the people with a heart and conscious, to turn what would otherwise be a tragic ending into a hopeful one. Therefore, the question remains: what would you have done if you saw a car flipped over? Would you wait for some else to take matters in their own hands?

Here are a couple of misconceptions that people have that serve as their “reason” (which in reality is their excuse) to not help:

  • “…someone else can help…”
  • “…I don’t know how to help…”
  • “…I’m not qualified to help…”
  • “…this isn’t my responsibility…”
  • “…I’m sure they’re alright…”

If you see someone else in danger and you can safely do something about it, do it!