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Almost two years ago I blogged about the beginnings of Google’s self-driving car. Now, this somewhat abstract idea is becoming more and more of a reality. Two years ago Google had begun testing their self-driving cars on public roads, and they had a lot of success. They found that their car was much safer than the average driver and actually prevented potential crashes.

Google has now created their own new prototype that looks nothing like the cars the program was fitted to before. This small, compact, and even cute car looks normal on the outside, but it is actually missing the essentials for driving a car. It has no pedals and no steering wheel, which actually makes it safer than ever before.

The vehicle only travels at speeds up to 25 mph, and has the same safety features of any other car. When I first heard about these two years ago I was reluctant to consider it a transportation possibility. Anything controlled by a computer program seems like it could be a danger, but in reality this could bring about a whole new era of safer transportation.

People who do not have the ability to transport themselves would be able to get from place to place for the first time in history. This concept is still foreign to me, and I think that laws and car manufacturers need to be fully aware of any potential dangers before these cars eventually hit the market.

Drivers will not be in control while driving, so the car itself will be solely responsible for any accidents it may cause. Everything needs to be entirely thought through before we start putting these cars on the roads. Not only may the cars not be ready, but the people handling them may not know what they are getting themselves into.

As a car wreck accident attorney, my main concern is always safety. Right now these self-driving cars may seem completely safe, but they have not necessarily been used in everyday driving conditions. As this technology continues to develop, I’m excited to see where this up and coming topic of self-driving cars takes us.