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Construction and road changes are two very common features in North Fort Worth, especially as a result of the construction project in highway I-35 West. While changes to road lanes, traffic patterns, and turn signals are designed to help city residents drive in a more efficient way, there is the occasional event where a change causes confusion, and consequently, an accident to occur.

This is the case in North Fort Worth, where an added yield light to a busy intersection has caused a series of auto accidents, causing the city residents to prompt for change.

One Intersection, Multiple Accidents

According to city residents, there is a great concern over the amount of accidents that have occurred in the intersection of Heritage Trace Parkway and North Beach Street. Since January 1st, it has been reported that there have been over 10 car accidents in the busy intersection, 7 of those occurring in the month of April.

One of the most severe accidents that occurred was in April 21, where a man was riding his motorcycle with his wife. When the couple approached the intersection, a vehicle turned and struck them. Due to the injuries, the 43 year-old-man died on the scene, while his wife was taken to the hospital and was treated with serious injuries.

The problem arises from a new change in the intersection’s traffic light, where a new yield light was added. When drivers attempt to turn on the street, it is difficult to see the oncoming traffic at certain times. This in turn can create – and has created – accidents to occur.

City Intervention

Due to the fact that many accidents were occurring in the intersection, city residents requested for the City of Fort Worth to take action on the matter. As a result, Cary Moon, the City of Fort Worth’s Councilman for District 4, is scheduled to have a meeting with city residents Saturday morning.

The meeting, also taking place with city officials, will be held with the goal of addressing the traffic light situation.

How Can I Report Unsafe Traffic Signals?

If there is a traffic signal that you believe has the potential to cause an accident, or if you have been involved in an accident caused by a traffic light malfunction, you can make a formal request to the city where the accident occurred for an investigation to take place. This is encouraged, as it can possibly avoid future accidents from occurring.

Additionally, it is also the duty of the residents of a city to report any unsafe traffic conditions. Due to the great amount of accidents that have occurred as a result of numerous changes in construction, sometimes changes to traffic patterns and lights can include a mistake that may have been overlooked. By the city and its residents working together to make the city a better place for everyone, the city becomes safer all around. However, it if there are injuries involved in a car wreck caused by someone else, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are fully represented.