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Car accidents involving the death of a young person always impact the community they were part of. This is the case for a young woman, whose sudden death impacted an entire high school, a local community, and the life of one graduate student who wrote a musical piece for a choir concert to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

An Unexpected Accident

Tabatha Romaker was a 17-year-old senior at L.D. Bell High School. In early March, Tabatha and her boyfriend were on Interstate Highway 20 close to Collins Street when all of a sudden a car accident took place. According to officials with the Arlington Police Department, the accident was caused when the vehicle Tabatha and her boyfriend were in hydroplaned as Tabatha’s boyfriend attempted to change lanes.

A Musical Arrangement

The accident left Tabatha’s high school and her community devastated. Tabatha was the president of the L.D. Bell High School choir, and was a determined leader in her organization. Chris Harris, a Ph.D. music student at Florida State University who graduated at L.D. Bell, wrote a musical arrangement to be sung by the school choir during their spring concert. Although Harris did not know Tabatha, he stated that after reading the news of her death he knew that the teachers and students at the school were in pain, which is why he decided to write a piece to honor Tabatha

Friends and families of Tabatha expressed the impact that she had made in their lives. Tabatha was accepted to Texas Woman University’s nursing program, and was actively involved in music and volunteering in a nearby animal shelter. Tabatha’s mother was present in the musical ceremony and was moved knowing that her daughter had impacted many lives.

How Can a Driver Change Lanes Safely?

Driving is a very big responsibility. Knowing when and how to properly drive in a certain situation, as well as reacting quickly and on time can be the difference between an avoided collision and a terrible car accident. Unlike more experienced drivers who have years and years of driving, young drivers do not always know the immediate dangers that can be present when driving on a wet or slick road. How can a driver be sure that their driving is done in a safe manner? What are somethings that can be avoided when driving on a wet surface that can save them from being involved in a car accident?

Driving on wet roads can be dangerous if a driver is not paying attention, drivers too fast, or drives in a reckless manner altogether. When attempting to change lanes, it is important for a driver to avoid doing any of the following:

  • Braking suddenly
  • Not turning to see if there are cars nearby
  • Speeding
  • Avoiding warning signs
  • Driving into puddles

Due to the fact that the water on the road may be mixed in with oil from other cars which can cause the surface to be soapy, it is important to drive with additional care in order to avoid an accident from occurring. The driver must know when and how to safely maneuver to change to a nearby lane, and every move must be done in a safely and timely manner to avoid a collision between other cars on the road and to avoid a car from hydroplaning.