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Wrecks Are Up

One of Fort Worth’s busiest highways, Interstate 35, has been under construction for several years. However, not only has the construction increased the number of lanes added to the road, it has also increased the number of accidents; from 8,194 accidents from the previous year to 9,862 accidents this year, according to reports from police authorities and Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works Department.

This 20 percent increase has been caused by drivers who are unaware of change of lanes and traffic obstacles (such as orange cones and debris). In addition, police officers have reported frustration over the inability to stop speeding and reckless drivers since there are fewer safe locations to make the traffic stops.

How to Protect Yourself

I’d advise all drivers who live in North Tarrant to take different routes when commuting anywhere that’s south of North Tarrant. As an accident attorney, I can tell you that we see a big uptick in wrecks in areas with heavy traffic and construction, and this area in particular has the heaviest traffic.

Also, keep your eye out for signs that warn of traffic pattern changes. Often, these signs flash on electronic variable message signs (as opposed to regular construction road signs) and are placed just before the change. Of course, these signs aren’t always around, so it’s best to remain alert while driving in construction areas.

What If You’re In a Wreck in a Construction Zone?

Were you in a wreck in a construction zone? Are you unsure who’s at-fault? Do you think the construction workers did something that caused your accident? Do you need more information on making a claim?