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A Terrible Situation

Athorities with the Dallas Police Department will soon be bringing the individual they say is in charge of an attempt at manslaughter mischance in Uptown that murdered a 23-year-old lady back to Texas from Oklahoma. As indicated by local officials with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, in Madill, Oklahoma, Dallas police investigators reached out to them the previous evening to request help finding a fled vehicle and its driver following the severe accident.

After officials located the vehicle, Dallas investigators went along with them and found the presumed suspect, John Adrian Esparza. The 38-year-old was arrested, along with his girlfriend, according to authorities.

In a captured sworn statement, Esparza revealed to Dallas police that he was out at a club on Cedar Springs and that 23-year-old Rachel Spelman just exited before him on the 2200 section of Cedar Springs Road early Saturday morning. He said he was not able stop when he hit Spelman and left her on the road. Spelman was pronounced dead the scene.

Esparza told police that he took off on the grounds that he was frightened of the situation.

Witness Testimonies

Two individuals Esparza was staying with in Dallas called police and informed them that he never returned to the room that night. Esparza then called them the following morning to disclose to them what had occurred. They got suspicious when they saw the story on the news, and advised police that he went to Oklahoma.

As indicated by witnesses, Esparza really stopped the vehicle, got out, took a look at Spelman on the ground, got back in and headed out.

He will be extradited and returned to Dallas where he will face criminal charges.

Is Fear a Reasonable Excuse

Many hit-and-run accidents have occurred because the at-fault driver, for whatever, reason, was scared or fearful of either the situation or what might happen to them if they got caught. This has been a repeated excuse that these drivers give when they are caught by the police, and in no way whatsoever serves as a justification for leaving the scene of an accident, especially if they were the ones that caused the accident in the first place.

Leaving the scene of an accident where there were injuries involved is illegal, holds very serious consequences, which is more than enough reasons why the at-fault driver should not flee. Even more, injuries sustained by the victims can be treated if the driver contacts the police and an emergency team gets to the scene on time. By neglecting to contact emergency services and help the injured victim, they can be doing a fatal disservice to the injured victim and themselves. More importantly, human lives matter much more than an excuse to leave the scene of an accident. If the driver is truly responsible and admits culpability for the accident, then the consequences (if any exist) can be greatly reduced versus appearing before a court and having to explain to the court, judge, an jury the reason why they let an innocent bystander die.