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A gas leak was the cause of Tuesday’s night home explosion in Keene, Texas. The homeowner’s fireplace was lit when he began to smell gas and soon after the explosion occurred. There has been no exact word on the condition of the homeowner, but firefighters are saying that the burns were not extensive. He was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital’s burn unit.

With gas explosions continuing to take place in the DFW metroplex, I have to begin to wonder where the problem lies. The responsibility of a gas explosion in someone’s home is definitely not on the homeowner, so the gas companies must be at fault. These deadly accidents are preventable on the behalf of gas companies, but the homeowner has no way of protecting themselves or their family.

It is a part of a gas company’s duties to properly install and maintain pipelines. If they neglect to do this, they should be be held liable for any leaks or damage that may occur as a result.  Explosions can be both physically and emotionally scarring for anyone involved. Recovering from burns or other injuries from an explosion can take months and is very expensive.

There are rules, regulations and industry standards that are imposed on gas companies by the U.S. federal government and the Railroad Commission of Texas. These rules ensure that gas companies are under a duty to use necessary care to prevent injury.

As a gas explosion lawyer , I firmly believe that a gas company ignoring leaks or cracks in their pipelines is the most dangerous kind of neglect. The worst part about dealing with a gas company following a home explosion is that they rarely take responsibility. It seems as though they are constantly trying to put the blame on someone else, when we all know that’s not the case.

We will continue to keep the gas explosion victim in our thoughts. I hope that the gas company is able to take responsibility for the lack of protection for their customers.