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The number of national hot car deaths for children has reached a total of 15 for 2014, which is concerning from the standpoint of both a dad and a child injury lawyer.

A majority of these reported deaths have been attributed to forgetfulness of the caretaker who simply continues on with their daily routine. A lack of sleep, a quiet baby, change of routine and distraction can all contribute to forgetting a child or being convinced you have dropped him or her off at daycare.

With the Texas heat continuing to rise into the upper 90’s and even to the 100’s soon enough, there are some basic tips which can be turned into habits in order to prevent a situation like this from occurring:

  • Leave a briefcase, purse, cell phone, lunch bag or wallet (something of necessity) in the back seat, where the child is located.
  • Place a teddy bear the car seat when the child is not with you. Place the teddy bear in the front seat, when the child is sitting in the seat.
  • Place your left shoe in the back seat, with your child.
  • Set a reminder on your phone each day at the time at which you must drop your child off at daycare.
  • Make an agreement with a significant other or responsible adult friend that you will text or call him or her upon dropping your child off. If this designated person does not hear from you at the agreed-upon time, he or she should call you.
  • Ask a babysitter or child care provider to call you, if your child does not arrive on time.

Find one of these that works for you and stick with it- it could save a child’s life this summer. Child injury lawyers see children in unnecessary pain all too often, so let’s take preventative measures wherever we can for children’s safety.