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A Houston-area man known by police for riding his unicycle naked has died after being hit by a vehicle while clothed and pedaling at night. La Porte police say 48-year-old Joseph Glynn Farley of Clear Lake was killed Tuesday night when his unicycle was hit from behind by an SUV.

Farley was wearing black shorts, a backpack and apparently a reflective vest, which was found nearby. The unicycle had lights and was operating legally on a thoroughfare. The SUV driver, who wasn’t hurt, called 911 to report the accident.

Kemah police in 2012 accused Farley of riding naked, distracting drivers and creating a hazard. Farley was cited for misdemeanor indecent exposure. Now that he was fully clothed and operating his unicycle legally he cannot be found to blame for the accident.

This unicyclist was following night time bike safety protocol- wear light or reflective clothing, have a light on your bike, and travel on the correct side of the road. Ideally, it would always be safer to only bike during the light hours of the day so that cars can have maximum visibility.

What happened to Joseph Farley was in no way his fault, and his family can make a wrongful death claim against the SUV driver’s insurance. His life was ended too early by this accident, and compensation is very possible for this family. Money can’t undo the accident, but it can make life more comfortable for a family who possibly relied on Farley to support the household.