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After an accident, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible. But you may be worried about how to pay for the doctor if you don’t have health insurance. Anderson Injury Lawyers has some solutions for you.

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Will I Have To Pay for My Medical Care After an Accident?

One option you have after an accident is to pay for your medical care. You can pay cash or put it on a credit card. This can get overwhelming fast, though. Your bills will likely add up and might be more than you can cover.

You shouldn’t have to pay for medical expenses when you’re not at fault for the accident. The person who acted irresponsibly and caused your injuries should be held accountable. You should work with a personal injury attorney to avoid having to pay for your medical costs after an accident that is not your fault.

What if I Don’t Have Money To Pay for Medical Bills?

You may be able to use what is called a “letter of protection” to put your bills on hold while you wait for a settlement. This letter is issued by your attorney and tells the medical provider that your claim is pending, and the bill will be paid at the end of the claim.

Not every doctor will accept a letter of protection. It’s essential to ask them before you begin care. Anderson Injury Lawyers has worked with many doctors and other care providers who will hold off on payment until the end of a claim. We can help you find the care you need.

What Happens Once I Get a Settlement?

If you could pay all or some of your medical bills, you will get all of that money back in your settlement. Medical costs often make up the majority of the damages in a claim.

When you work with a personal injury attorney, you need to make sure they know about all of your medical costs. Then, when they make a demand for an appropriate settlement, it will fully cover your damages.

If your medical providers accepted a letter of protection, they would wait to accept payment until you get a settlement. And, in some situations, your attorney may even be able to negotiate their charges even lower when you are ready to pay.

Work With Anderson Injury Lawyers Manage Your Medical Costs

It’s easy to become overwhelmed after an accident; you will have a lot of stress. Medical bills do not have to contribute to it. Let the team of personal injury attorneys at Anderson Injury Lawyers handle your claim and discuss your medical provider’s situation.

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