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The majority of people in the United States are now in full holiday mode. Whether it’s getting off from work to buy presents to shipping out gifts to family members, the holidays can easily bring about a combination of happiness and stress. However, it does not have to be like this. There are many reasons why it is important to stay calm in the event of holiday stress, especially when driving.

When a driver gets caught in traffic when having to be at their destination in a certain time, they are running late, or there is too much on their mind, they probably have the urge to experience road rage. Although it may seem insignificant, road rage can lead to unwanted car accidents due to the following when the driver has:

  • Rear-ended another driver
  • Attempted to speed through traffic
  • Hit an obstacle
  • Suddenly braked or braked too soon

Here are three tips to ensure you don’t experience road rage in the midst of the holiday season.

Plan Ahead

If you have seen this tip in other personal injury posts in our website, it’s because it is one of the simplest yet effective techniques that a driver can use to avoid road rage. Being a good driver does not begin when you take the wheel. A person who has planned out their activities in a way that they know exactly where to go (and at what time) can avoid road rage by not hurrying to the next destination. It is not uncommon for people to forget one or two items in a grocery store, so doing things like making a list can avoid a chain reaction of returning to traffic, being stressed about the time, and having the urge to speed through traffic.

Planning ahead is also a good suggestion because any you have a decreased chance of performing driving maneuvers that could otherwise place you and others in danger (such as running a red light).

Go With the Flow

In the event that things are not turning out how you originally planned or time appears to be moving at a fast pace, a good suggestion would be to “go with the flow” of things. In other words, just positively adapt to how things are turning out. Although it is probably easier said than done, sometimes altering your planned evening a bit or arriving a couple of minutes late to an event is ok. Staying calm is one of the keys of avoiding road rage, and if this means accepting a different evening as you had planned, then it is fine.

If nothing else can be done about being in the middle of traffic than just waiting it out (as has been the case with many North Texans with the construction of Interstate 35), then waiting out and not stressing about the situation would a better option than stressing yourself and everyone in your car out.

What Tips Do You Have?

There are many ways that a driver can ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers, and others on the road by planning ahead, going with the flow and so on. Do you have any safety tips associated with driving during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below, and remember, drive safely.