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Truck drivers have the responsibility to conduct their big rigs in the safest way possible. In order to do this, truckers must make sure that their equipment is checked before every trip, ensure that their truck tires are properly inflated, and secure their cargo loads before driving, in addition to doing many other things. There have been situations, however, that have resulted in truck wrecks and accidents, but it has not been due to the truck driver’s equipment or truck, but with the truck driver themselves.

Careless driving is something that no driver should do, especially one that is driving a commercial vehicle. What happens if you are driving on the road and notice that a truck driver is driving in a way that is unsafe to drivers around you? This article will focus on how to report unsafe driving from a truck driver.

Call the Police

The fastest way to report a truck driver’s unsafe driving is by contacting the police. By dialing 911, you are immediately connected with a dispatcher, who you can inform of any unsafe driving. The police dispatcher can record any information that you give them of the truck driver, such as their license plate numbers or their trucking company. The dispatcher can in turn relay that information to any police officers that are patrolling the road, which can pull over the truck driver, thus avoiding an accident.

Contact the Texas Department of Public Safety

Similar to contacting the police, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) will immediately relay information to nearby police officers. However, TxDPS has a service called the “Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service” (CVE). This service is designed specifically to enforce all things having to do with commercial vehicles, such as making sure that their gross weight falls into the appropriate category, that all registration is up to date, and that they are driving their vehicles in a safe manner. The CVE serves as an official authority over commercial vehicles, so filling a complaint will be taking very seriously.

File a Complaint through the NCCDB

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has an agency, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which, among other things, specializes in regulating all that has to do with commercial motor vehicles.  Within the FMCSA, there is the National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB), which is the method of filing a complaint of a truck driver’s unsafe driving. By being a federal agency, the FMCSA will use the complaints found in the NCCDB to make sure that the truck drivers are fined or penalized by driving recklessly. By filing a complaint through the NCCDB, you are filing a complaint that is taken very seriously, which is important when observing unsafe driving from a truck driver.

By informing any of the mentioned agencies, you are ensuring that lives can be saved from a potential accident caused by a reckless driver. You can make a difference on the road by informing a truck driver’s unsafe driving to an official authority, which will do its best to find and locate the driver. Do not relent in contacting the authorities; people’s lives can be saved!