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Springtime in Texas means heavy winds, rain, and other stormy weather. Although tornadoes can cause massive damage when they do touch down, such devastation is fortunately not widespread. Hail, on the otherhand, routinely causes massive damage to multiple properties.

Hail Causes Major Damage

During this year’s first major storm, hail stones the size of grapefruits were reported in Denton. Other areas of the DFW metroplex reported hail the size of softballs. Such hailstones can cause considerable damage to vehicles and roofs. After any major hailstorm in the area, you can bet there are plenty of insurance claims to repair or replace sidings, guttering and shingles.

If you find yourself in the position where you have to make a weather damage claim against your property owners insurance policy, be prepared to fight for the fair compensation you deserve. Insurance companies are notorious for not paying out the full value for claims. Any payout they make cuts into their profits – and they value profits above all else.

Make Sure You Get The Money You Deserve

If your property suffered hail or other storm-related damage, it is important that you are treated fairly. If you don’t feel like your insurance company is being cooperative, we recommend home owners should consult with a public adjuster and our firm would be happy to refer one to you. In the case of a commercial property sustaining storm damage; however, it is important that you speak with an attorney to be sure you are thoroughly advised of your legal options. The Anderson Injury Lawyers is here to make sure that all consumers actually receive the insurance protection for which they’ve been paying premiums.