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Truck accidents can occur suddenly and with very little time for preparation. This was the case in Dallas Wednesday morning, where a truck driver caught fire and other vehicles were impacted.

A Truck on Fire

A wreck where the cause of the accident is still under investigation occurred Wednesday morning at around 8:15 in the morning in southeast Dallas County on Interstate 20. The wreck involved an 18-wheeler carrying cardboard material and three other vehicles. The 18-wheeler caught fire, but the truck driver was able to escape. During the accident an SUV was pushed off I-20 and into a nearby creek, where emergency responders freed the driver.

The driver of the 18-wheeler escaped and three individuals were taken to the hospital. In the midst of the accident, Texas Department of Transportation officials noted that a highway sign was hit and knocked down. The accident caused all eastbound lanes of I-20 to be closed while emergency personnel cleared the wreck.

What Caused the Wreck?

Typically when car accidents occur, there is a stated cause as to the factors surrounding the accident. This can be anything from the driver being distracted or road conditions that affected the driver’s maneuverability. However, there are wrecks (such as this one) where there is an unstated cause of accident and the accident itself is still under investigation.

There are several factors that are worth considering with the facts that were presented by officials. For example, considering the fact that the truck caught fire:

  • Was the driver operating at a high speed?
  • Was there a malfunction within the truck that caused the fire?
  • Was there a medical emergency that caused the accident to occur?

After an investigation has been completed, investigators typically know a greater amount of the accident than when they initially went to the scene. This involves cooperation with the drivers involved in the accident, as well as the victims, as they might be able to better tell exactly how the accident occurred.

In the case that the people involved in the accident suffered serious injuries and want to file a personal injury claim, the first step would be to determine who was the person at-fault for the wreck. Was it the truck driver? Was it an equipment malfunction on the truck such as a tire blowout that caused the wreck? These answers can be determined after an investigation is completed. Afterwards, once the party that caused the wreck is determined, the injured victims can proceed to filing a personal injury claim.

What Do You Think Caused the Wreck?

What are your thoughts surrounding the accident? Do you think there are other factors involved that were not discussed here? Sometimes it’s helpful to think like the investigators and figure out what could have possibly caused the wreck. Once the cause of the wreck is determined, drivers can learn of new ways to stay safe by avoiding the mistakes of the accident. Let us know in the comments below what you think might have caused the wreck, and please remember, drive safely.