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It is always difficult to see young people – future leaders of the world – die in tragic circumstances. Such was the case with a four-year-old girl who passed away early Tuesday morning after an SUV caused a multiple-vehicle car accident. Car accidents can be difficult situations for those involved, not to mention the family members of the deceased who cared for them. As the end of this section holds, we must place others before us before making decisions that can result in terrible consequences.

What Exactly Happened?

The accident occurred in one of Texas’s most populated highways, Interstate 35W, on the 800 block in North Interstate I-35W (I-35 northbound). Taking place at around 7:45 am, the accident was caused by a woman driving a 2014 Ford SUV when she impacted the back of a 2014 Honda vehicle. The Honda then impacted a red Chevrolet truck, which then impacted a silver Chevrolet SUV. Other than the Honda, there were no additional passengers in the vehicles.

It is stated by local authorities that the Honda was slowing or had stopped due to traffic. The same is true for the two other Chevrolet vehicles that were involved in the accident. Everyone except for the occupants of the Honda did not require medical care.

What about the Honda and its Occupants?

The driver of the Honda was taken by emergency to nearby Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital’s emergency room. In regards to the passengers, there were two girls, both four-years-old, were rushed via helicopter to nearby Cook Children’s Medical Center. One of the two girls, just four years of age, was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Investigators are still examining the exact cause of the accident, including why the woman driving the 2014 Ford SUV crashed.

Car Accidents: Why Are Drivers Careless?

It is no secret that a great portion of car accidents can be avoided. Of course, there are accidents that are sometimes inevitable, such as those caused by limited visibility or strong weather conditions, but as research has repeatedly shown, drivers are themselves to blame as well. According to a February 2015 report by the U.S. Department of Transportation (titled “Critical Reasons for Crashes Investigated in the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey”), 2,046,000 car accidents between 2005 and 2007 were caused by drivers themselves.

This brings the following question: why are drivers so prone to being careless when driving? Simple things such as answering a text message, changing or skipping songs, or looking down for too long can be enough time for an accident to occur. Are the lives of other people less important than responding through an email through a smartphone? When will drivers learn to be selfless enough to not make decisions that place others in harm’s way?

For instance, perhaps the driver of the Ford SUV that impacted the Honda sedan could have avoided doing whatever she was doing – be it speeding, texting, or picking up something from the ground – and the four-year-old girl could have lived another day. Sadly, the story serves as an alert for other drivers to pay attention on what matters most while driving; which as simple as it may seem: driving!