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Your First Steps After an Out-Of-State Accident

Not all car accident claims require a lawyer. If you were in an auto accident out of state and you weren’t hurt, you likely can handle the claim on your own. Similarly, if you were hurt but not badly and you still believe you can handle the claim on your own, I’ll point you here:

How Do You Know If You Need a Lawyer?

After a wreck, it’s not always clear whether or not you need a personal injury attorney. For more help figuring it out, read my article here:

Where to Hire a Lawyer for Out-Of-State Wrecks

If you were in an accident that occurred while you were in a different state, you’ll hire an attorney in the state where the accident occurred. So for instance, if you’re from Louisiana but were injured in Texas, you’ll need to hire a Texas attorney.

The next question you’re probably wondering is whether or not you’ll have to travel back to the state the accident occurred during the claims process. That depends on how serious the accident was and how badly you’re hurt, and also whether or not you file a lawsuit.

Thanks to technology, living out of state is usually a non-issue for people. All correspondence with your lawyer can be done by phone and email, and your lawyer will handle any paperwork that must be submitted in person. You won’t have to travel back to the state the accident happened.

The exception would be if you chose to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party (the person or company who caused your accident). When you file a lawsuit, you’ll need to return to make a deposition in person. You may or may not have to appear in court. Luckily, all of the is scheduled well in advance and are usually not an issue for out-of-state clients.

Don’t let the fact that your accident happened in a different state deter your from filing a personal injury claim.