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Last month, a commercial truck driver in training lost control of his vehicle and crashed on Interstate 45.

According to a CBS DFW report, the driver was operating a semi-truck on the north service road of I-45 when he lost control, crossed all three lanes of traffic and crashed into the center median. The truck then burst into flames.

Luckily, everyone escaped the area before they were seriously burned. No other vehicles were involved, though there were reports of additional wrecks as drivers on southbound I-45 became distracted by the scene.

It is unclear what caused the student truck driver to lose control of the 18-wheeler.

Driver Inexperience is a Big Issue

Driving is dangerous for new drivers, especially if those drivers happen to be behind the wheel of a 40,000 pound semi-truck. During their first six months of driving, newly licensed drivers are eight times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes, according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study.

It should go without saying that new commercial truck drivers should have plenty of experience before they’re allowed to drive on their own. Even if the truck driver has an instructor with them, as was the case in the accident described above, it’s vital that both instructor and driver practice together in a safe, secure and secluded area until the novice driver has complete control.

Unfortunately, not all trucking companies take adequate precautions. Whether they hire the wrong person or fail to properly train them, the company may be held liable for an accident caused by a driver.

Have You Been Injured in a Texas Semi-Truck Wreck? 

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