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According to authorities, the accident occurred Wednesday at around 10:30 in the morning in Interstate 30 in Fort Worth.. Although it is not clear how the accident took place, it appears it was a single-car accident. Reports mention a man and an infant less than one year old were launched out of their vehicle. The vehicle rolled off the highway and came to a stop at an embankment.

The infant, identified as Nevaeh Brooks, was taken to nearby Cook Children’s Medical Center. The baby was pronounced dead at 11:10 in the morning at the hospital.

Were the Victims Wearing Seat Belts?

A common question in regards to this accident is whether or not the man and infant were secured with seat belts at the time of the accident. This is due to the simple fact that if the vehicle had endured an impact from either side, the likeliness that the infant would have been ejected would have been low. In fact, according to Children’s Safety Network, wearing a seat belt reduces fatalities by 71%. For this reason it is very likely that the child was either not in a car seat, in a car seat but not secured with the vehicle’s seat belt, or in the car seat but improperly secured to the vehicle’s seat belt. This points the direction to the cause of the accident to the man that was in the vehicle.

Several questions must be asked in regards to the man, such as:

  • Was alcohol a factor?
  • Was speed a factor?
  • Why wasn’t the infant secured?
  • Why wasn’t the man himself secured?
  • What other factors are involved that led to the accident?

Of course, these questions can be asked once the man is in stable medical conditions. These and other questions can be asked by an investigator in Fort Worth.

Are You Wearing Your Seat Belt?

Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important things that drivers and passengers must do for the simple reason of staying safe. Accidents can happen in a very unexpected moment, and being secure is a big preventive measure to ensure the safety of the driver and all vehicle occupants. This is especially true in North Texas with the addition of new expressways that allow drivers to avoid traffic and go at high speeds. As construction nears its end (eventually), highways such as I-35 will allow traffic to flow easier, which means speeds will begin to return to normal.

From the Anderson Injury Lawyers, we strongly advise for you to wear your seat belt and to make sure that others in your car are properly secured, and please remember to drive safely.