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What could have been a very serious accident was avoided early Sunday morning. Police officers with the Irving Police Department were investigating an accident that occurred at around 3:50 a.m. caused by a drunk driver. The accident, caused by a drunk driver, resulted in a rollover vehicle wreck. The driver that caused the accident, Raymundo Saucedo, was arrested for driving under the influence and illegally carrying a weapon.

All of a sudden, a separate vehicle bypassed the emergency flares officers had set up for the investigation to divert traffic and entered the scene of the accident. What could have been a sure impact to the police officers and emergency personnel was guarded by a blocker truck. Blocker trucks are trucks designed to safeguard emergency personnel by parking in between the scene of the accident and traffic. This blocker did its job, and was totaled alongside the vehicle that impacted it.

The driver of the vehicle was unconscious and taken to the hospital. It is unclear what caused the driver to wreck into the scene.

As a car accident attorney, I know how difficult the aftermath of a wreck like this can be. I wish the injured victim and their family a speedy recovery.