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If you’re attempting to handle your claim for compensation without the aid of an attorney, there are a number of things you need to beware of. The insurance company will not treat you fairly and you should expect this. If they know you’re handling the claim without a lawyer, then they think they will do everything they can to get you to settle your claim for far less money than you actually deserve.

Their two favorite weapons to achieve this are confusion and bullying.

They will make the claim process as complicated for you as possible and will present a number of obstacles for you to overcome by repeatedly suggesting that either the accident was your fault or that your injuries were a direct result of your own negligence, rather than their clients.

For example; the insurance adjustor might argue that the reason you were injured was because you weren’t wearing a seat belt – and not because their client was too busy texting to look at the road. Or they might dare to suggest the wreck had absolutely nothing to do with the fact their client had just drank ten beers before getting behind the wheel, and instead blame the accident on so-called “equipment defects” with your vehicle.

At their worst, the insurance adjustor will get downright mean and start attacking your character. They might do this in several different ways, but frequent examples I’ve seen include implying that you – the victim – had been drinking or using drugs, were inattentive yourself or were speeding. Basically, they’ll argue that the accident could have been avoided if it wasn’t for you. This is not fair at all and whether this despicable tactic is designed to provoke you to abandon your claim or to admit to shared liability, it has the inevitable effect of damaging your character – a matter which can really have an impact if your particular case ever does eventually go to trial.

Insurance adjustors are experts in portraying accident victims as questionable characters, which is why no lawyer would ever recommend that you willingly provide them with a recorded statement. They’ll only twist your words and ask leading questions that are designed to damage your testimony. Remember that they do this for a living and they have been trained to protect their company’s assets. It’s really amazing the different things they will come up with to make you look bad. Even something so simple as suggesting you exaggerated the negligent driver’s speed to the investigating officer can cast you as a non-credible person should your case ever come in front of a jury.

I wrote my book, 15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Claim as a public service for those car crash victims who are attempting to represent themselves, because even as a personal injury attorney, I know that not every victim needs a lawyer. However, every victim needs to know what they are going up against – and the challenges which lay ahead. To request your free copy of my book, call my office toll free at 800-354-MARK (6275) and I’ll mail it to you the same day.