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Not all truck accidents involve the serious injury of people…sometimes they involve the injury of animals who were in the vehicles involved. This is the case for a puppy that lost her way after being in a terrible truck wreck.

Lost on the Road

On Tuesday, July 11th, two individuals were starting their day as usual.  However, as has been the situation for several years now, highway construction caused a heavy flow of traffic to stand still on President George Bush Turnpike, close to exit 75. Trenton and Erica – the two friends that were riding together – were in the vehicle as Trenton, who was driving, came to a stop. All of a sudden, an 18-wheeler transporting various vehicles impacted Trenton’s vehicle. Due to the amount of force of the impact, several other vehicles were impacted in a chain reaction. Both Trenton and Erica survived what could have been a worse truck wreck and are now recovering from several injuries, including back fractures and pull muscles.

However, Trenton and Erica weren’t the only ones in their vehicles. With them was riding Daisy Mae, Erica’s dog. In the midst of the accident, Daisy Mae escaped. Police officers searched the area and did not find her, and for several days family and friends of Trenton and Erica searched restlessly for Daisy. When all hope seemed lost, volunteers from a local animal shelter found Daisy Mae on Sunday close to some railroad tracks near the turnpike and Alma Road. Daisy Mae was rushed to a nearby animal hospital, where it was determined that her back leg was broken and needed surgery. Due to the extent of the damage in her back leg, Daisy Mae’s back leg was amputated. However, Daisy was recovering well and her owner, Erica, is more than thankful for the return of her beloved dog.

Would You Have Searched?

To some, it may seem a bit absurd to look for a lost dog. To others, dogs and other pets are more than “animals”; they’re family. Regardless of how one views animals or pets, if they provide happiness to another individual, it is important to reunite them should they get lost.

For this reason, the question of whether you would have searched for the dog is an important one for several reasons. First, many people would have disregarded Daisy Mae as “collateral damage” and would have pushed away the idea of actually having to go and search for her. Other people, on the other hand, acknowledge and appreciate the sentimental value that Daisy’s owner has for her. The accident could have otherwise been more devastating if an innocent dog was fatally injured as the result of someone else’s negligent actions. When we shift our view of animals as merely animals and learn to view them as companions, then our view of them changes. Animals involved in car accidents should also be cared for and should have a fair opportunity to recover through medical treatment. No animal should be neglected. For this reason, the return of Daisy Mae to her owner should be a moment to appreciate, not ignore!