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LUBBOCK – Early Monday afternoon, a trash truck and a Dodge pickup collided at the intersection of FM 2528 and FM 1729.

The driver of the Dodge pickup, 38-year-old David Benham, was seriously injured in the wreck and was transported to the hospital. The driver of the trash truck, 26-year-old Miguel Cervantes, suffered minor injuries and was released by EMS at the scene.

If a Trash Truck Wrecks into You, Can You File a Claim Against the City? 

Accidents aren’t ever easy, but they become especially complicated when the at-fault driver is also a city employee. Many victims leave the scene of the crash wondering, “What next?”

So, can you make a claim against the city? Will they compensate you for your medical bills and damaged vehicle if one of their workers wrecks into you?

The simple answer is yes, you CAN make a claim against the city. However, it’s vital that you learn and understand your rights as a Texas driver before pursuing a case, since there are certain rules and restrictions that go along with city claims.

Mostly, accidents with trash trucks are just like accidents with regular cars, and the protocol after an accident is much the same. Call the police, make sure everyone’s alright, take pictures of the damage and exchange information – assuming you’re well enough to do so.