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The Dog Attack

In February, 83-year-old Sarah Harper was attacked in her front yard by two pit bulls. Luckily, a man named Trent Sparks came to Harper’s rescue and called 911. Harper remains in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital.

Now, an arrest from the attack has been made.

According to authorities, the dogs belonged to Theodore Jones, who left the dogs unattended in his yard. Jones has been arrested and could be held criminally responsible.

Can the Dog’s Owner Be Charged?

In Texas, yes.

In 2007, a 76-year-old woman named Lillian Stiles was attacked much in the same manner as Ms. Harper was – in her front yard while minding her own business. Stiles was mauled to death by six dogs who had escaped their owner’s yard. The dog’s owner was found not-guilty of negligent homicide.

After that, our state legislators introduced Lillian’s Law so that negligent dog owners who allowed their animals to run loose would be punished.

Under Lillian’s Law, a dog owner faces charges of a third degree felony (including two to ten years of prison time, and a fine of $10,000) if their dog caused serious bodily injury to another person.