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Two motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians occurred in the North Texas area this morning.

In Fort Worth, a woman attempting to cross the South Freeway was hit by a motorist. The incident subsequently caused a multi-vehicle pileup. An 18-wheeler and a passenger car crashed in a secondary wreck, caused by at least one of the vehicles swerving to avoid the initial auto-pedestrian accident.

The wreck occurred at around 5:00am this morning, near Seminary Drive. The female pedestrian was pronounced deceased at the crash scene. It is unknown whether any of the vehicle occupants were injured.

Also this morning, a pedestrian was struck by a semi-truck in Denton County. The crash occurred at approximately 6:00am on Highway 114 near John Day Road. The accident remains under investigation so it is not yet know why he was walking on the highway.

The injured pedestrian was transported to hospital, his current condition is unknown. No other injuries were reported.

It seems there have been a rash of accidents caused by pedestrians negligently running across busy roadways where they were never supposed to be in the first place. Just last Tuesday, a pedestrian was killed while attempting to run across Loop 820 in White Settlement.

As a Fort Worth personal injury attorney, I have handled a number of cases on behalf of injured pedestrians against negligent drivers. However, when a pedestrian is on a freeway or somewhere else where it is dangerous for them to be, they can be considered negligent. Don’t misunderstand me, I am sympathetic to anyone who was injured – or who has lost someone they love – while trying to cross a busy roadway on foot. But the law is quite clear on these matters – if a pedestrian’s negligence results in a wreck, any injured parties have a legal right to make a claim against their home insurance policy (assuming they have one).

Naturally, my thoughts are with the injury victims and in the wake of this morning’s accidents. My condolences to the families of the deceased.