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As many of the articles and blogs in this website show, commercial vehicle accidents can be very dangerous to the drivers and passengers involved. Due to their size and weight, commercial vehicles can cause damage to the vehicle they hit, not to mention the bodily injuries that can be created because of the speed of the vehicles during the accident.  Even if they were traveling at very low speeds, the impact of more than one commercial vehicle can be made in a matter of seconds.

Such was the case of a commercial vehicle that crashed against another one that was carrying oiling equipment.

The Accident

According to local authorities, emergency responders were called to the scene of a commercial vehicle collision that occurred Tuesday morning on US 67, close to FM Road 2331. According to the reports, the accident occurred after a male who was driving a tractor trailer (carrying equipment to be used in an oil field) turned from FM 2331 to the left, towards US 67.

When the tractor-trailer was turning, it is not sure exactly why, but a collision occurred. The tractor-trailer impacted another commercial vehicle, this one transporting sand and was headed westbound.

One of the drivers – the one carrying sand (driving a “tanker” truck) was rushed to the nearby Texas Health Harris Methodist located in Cleburne for injuries via ambulance. However, it is noted that the injuries were not severe. The accident is reported to still be under investigation, although there have not been any charges filed.

A Nearby Accident

Another accident occurring in the same day and involving a Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital occurred at around 7:30 in the morning close to the intersection of Clubhouse Drive and Texas 174. This accident, involving a motorcycle and a car, resulted in minimal injuries.

The accident is reported to have occurred when a man, 33-years-old from Burleson, accidently ran into one of the sides of a vehicle. The man was taken to the hospital due to injuries related to his head and leg, although a hospital spokeswoman expressed that the man was in stable conditions throughout the day.

Should Accidents Involving Small Injuries Deserve Attention?

Both of the accidents mentioned here involved relatively small or insignificant injuries. These types of accidents do not get mentioned very much in popular news networks, mainly because the network might not think that they will attract many customers. However, it is important to demonstrate that lives were not severely harmed and that the people involved in the car accidents are alive and well.

This is why the question becomes relevant: do accidents that have little to no injuries deserve a spotlight? The basic answer should be yes, for several reasons. First knowing that a person survived an automobile accident, whether involving a commercial vehicle or a truck, should be great news. Second, sometimes people are so caught up in seeing negative news that they do not have the opportunity to appreciate when good things happen, such as the saving of a life. Finally, if we were more focused on positivity than on negativity, our outlook in driving and in life can be more positive versus just focusing on the negatives in life.