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Parking tickets are among the pet hates of many motorists living and working in downtown Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas.

Oftentimes, the tickets are given fairly and legitimately for things like unsafe parking or obstructing a fire hydrant or other vehicle.

But sometimes, they are issued unfairly or erroneously. When that happens, it can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to fight it.

It’s usually just easier to suck it up and pay the fine.

Now, a new app called Fixed hopes to help level the playing field by making it much easier for drivers to get parking tickets dismissed.

You simply take a picture of the parking ticket and any other relevant evidence and Fixed takes care of the rest.

If they are successful in getting your ticket dismissed, you pay them 25 percent of what they fine would have been. If they’re not successful, you don’t owe them a penny (sort of like our plan where you won’t pay a penny if we don’t win your case plan).

The bad news is that Fixed is currently not available in North Texas. Currently, it’s just on a small beta trial in San Francisco. If all goes well, however, there is every chance that it could expand to serve other major US cities.

In the meantime, drive – and park – safely!