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A new application called Yik Yak is becoming the next biggest trend in social media. It is a location-based app that allows its users to participate in an anonymous chatroom. It is being compared to a cross between SnapChat and Twitter and is geared toward college-age users. Although the app is meant for users age 17 and up, it is being heavily used by high school students.

School administrators have reported that students are abusing the app and are using it as a platform for cyberbullying. Because every user is anonymous, anyone can say anything they want with a huge audience to listen. There have also been reports of people making anonymous bomb threats that have lead to lockdowns at other schools.

The founders of the app are attempting to disable it at the high schools that are having these problems, but as the popularity of the app continues to rise there is little the founders can do.

As more and more applications begin to take over the social media scene, there is nothing we can do to prevent kids from being on them. As parents, the only thing we can do is to teach our children how to be respectful in all areas of life. The same kids who cyberbully others and abuse social media are the same kids that have not been taught social media etiquette. Kids are always going to find a way to use technology; we just need to teach them the right way to do it.

It’s very important for parents to keep up with the changing trends of social media so they know exactly what their kids are up to. The more informed you are, the more you will be able to protect your kids.