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Although the ‘move over’ laws are meant to protect law enforcement officers on the sides of roads, they are rarely enforced or educated on.

These laws state that if any type of law enforcement is on the side of the road tending to another vehicle or situation, you are required to move over one lane away from the situation or reduce your speed to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit.

Some people are completely unaware of the law, and some don’t care enough to follow it because they know no one is going to pull them over. The weather in North Texas lately has been disruptive to both the roads and to drivers, so law enforcement has been especially at stake for serious injuries. And on Monday night, that’s exactly what happened.

Firefighter William “Scott” Tanksley was on duty clearing off an overpass when he was struck by a car that suddenly lost control.  The car was not abiding by the ‘move over’ laws and was traveling too fast for the road conditions.

This should serve as a reminder that you should never put yourself in a driving situation where you could potentially hurt someone. If everyone drove even slightly more defensively, the roads would be a better place. As a personal injury lawyer, I see the daily problems and loss that my clients face as a result of carelessness on the roads.

We will continue to have the family of this firefighter in our thoughts, and we hope that everyone is much more careful on the roads during this weather. If you see law enforcement on the side of the road, please move over and give them a piece of mind in their own dangerous work environment.