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Two students at a high school in Frisco – 16-year-old Peyton Weissman and her sister, 18-year-old Hayden – passed away Monday after a pickup truck hit the vehicle they were in. The accident occurred in Kyle, Texas, a city about 20 miles south of Austin.

According to reports, the driver of the pickup fled the scene of the accident but was eventually caught and arrested by the police. The driver, 61-year-old Macario Hernandez, has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Three additional individuals were in the vehicle where Peyton and Hayden were in. Their medical status has not been disclosed at this time.

At my firm, I’ve seen countless victims of drunk driving accidents suffer very serious injuries, but it never gets any easier, especially since drunk driving accidents are one hundred percent avoidable. I know this must be a difficult time for the Weissman family and their community, and I wish them a speedy recovery.