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Even though there are many types of car accidents, there are some that are more dangerous than others. Drunk driving accidents, for example, can involve serious injuries and fatalities. A similar type of accident where an at-fault driver has made a terrible decision is a hit and run accident. Hit and run accidents are dangerous for several reasons. First, the driver that fled the scene failed on their duty on making sure the other driver is fine. Second, the at-fault driver has the responsibility of providing the victim with the necessary car insurance information to make sure they get the medical treatment and vehicle expenses covered.

Hit and run accidents are one of the most dangerous types of accidents victims can be involved in, and as what occurred in the following situation shows, being the driver of a hit and run accident involving the death of another person can bring serious consequences.

A Fatal Collision

According to official reports, an accident early Friday morning resulted in a driver being fatally injured and the at-fault driver being arrested. The accident occurred when the driver, a 19-year-old woman, collided with an SUV on Interstate 30 close to Good-Latimer Expressway. The SUV went off-road, hit a guardrail, and crashed into an overhead sign. The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene by police.

The driver of the vehicle crashed into the SUV ran from the scene of the accident. The police, however, looked up the vehicle’s registration and went to the driver’s house, where she was placed under arrest with a $25,000 bond. The accident caused several lanes of Interstate 30 to be closed while officials investigated the accident. Additionally, the ramp from Interstate 30 to Interstate 45 was closed because of the damaged caused to the overhead sign.

What Can You Do If You Witness a Hit and Run Accident?

Hit and run accidents are dangerous in many ways. Occasionally the occupants of the vehicle that was hit make it out alright. Other times, however, there have been occupants who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of the impact. Even though hit and run accidents can occur very quickly and without a moment’s notice, there are several things that people that witness the hit and run accident can do.

First, drivers can stop and make sure that the occupants of the vehicle that was hit are safe. This can include getting them out of the vehicle, especially if there is a fire or other immediate hazard present. People can also contact the police, fire department, and other emergency service to get the right help on the way. Second, people that saw the accident occur can help by getting the license plate number and other information from the driver that took off. If a license plate number is difficult to obtain, people can also get general facts about the vehicle, such as the vehicle’s make, model, and color. In other words, the occupants of the hit and run vehicle can obtain help from others, and it is up to others to make sure that they are safe and out of further harm’s way.