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Driving late in the evening can be very dangerous. From a reduced scope of visibility to the effects of the body when tired, there are different factors that can lead to an unwanted car accident to occur. Due to these and other factors, drivers are advised to take important safety measures when choosing to drive during the night.

When one takes into mind a car accident, they usually think about the involvement of more than one cars colliding in high speed. However, as the event that recently took place can show, car accidents can take place from one second to another, and can involve only one vehicle.

A One-Vehicle Wreck

According to local officials, one person died and another is in critical conditions as a result of a terrible car accident that took place in Grand Prairie at three in the morning. Reports of the accident state that a pick-up truck travelling westbound close to the intersection of I-30 and Highway 161 exited the side shoulder, hit a guardrail, impacted a couple of posts, and then slipped into the nearby barrier. After hitting the barrier the truck flipped upside down onto the northbound lanes of the President George Bush Turnpike.

Due to the intensity of the wreck, several highways lanes were forced to close as emergency responders went to the scene. A medical examiner was called onto the scene of the accident, where it was announced that one person involved in the wreck died, while the other was rushed to a nearby hospital in Dallas.

The factors that caused the accident are still not known and under investigation.

What Can Determine the Cause of the Accident?

It can be very difficult to determine what caused a car accident when the people that would be interviewed, such as the driver or passenger, either died as the result of the accident or are in very serious health conditions. However, there are several ways that accident investigators, the police, and other examiners can use to go to the root of the accident, such as analyzing:

Skid Marks

When a vehicle leaves behind skid marks, it is typically a determinant that the driver was going in a certain speed and suddenly braked to avoid either hitting an object, such as a car or a concrete barrier, or being hit by another vehicle.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels

If the driver or passenger of the car accident have their blood analyzed and a certain level of alcohol is found, then alcohol can be used as a determinant factor for driving impaired, reckless driving, or the like.

Cell Phones

Even though texting and driving is dangerous, drivers continue to do so. The combination of texting and driving with driving late into the night can pose a danger for anyone involved in the vehicle. For this reason, cell phones are typically analyzed to see if the driver was texting and driving, emailing through their smartphone, or any other activity that may have hindered their ability to drive. For this and many other safety reasons, do not text and drive – it may save your life!