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As the warm weather continues to creep up on Texans, over-heating deaths of children become a greater possibility.

Although it has yet to be proven, North Richland Hills police believe the heat is to blame for the death of a 20-month-old toddler in a car.

The child had been in a child restraint in the back seat of the car when someone in the car noticed something wrong with the toddler. The driver pulled over to check on the child and decided to call 911 when the child remained unresponsive.

There is speculation that the car did not have any A/C, which caused the child’s death. No criminal charges have been filed yet, and it is expected that none will be filed in the near future.

As a child injury lawyer, I unfortunately see these deaths all too often. It can be done by a babysitter who accidently leaves a sleeping child in the backseat, or can even happen by a kid attending summer camp or daycare in the summer that gets left on a bus.

I advise all parents, babysitters, and anyone else caring for a child to make a habit of checking the backseat. Putting your purse, wallet, or briefcase in the back a can ensure that you open one of the rear doors before leaving the car. If a child is in the backseat, this simple habit can save a life.

The Texas heat is unforgiving, especially to delicate toddlers and small children. Even while driving, the temperature inside of the car needs to be an appropriate temperature for a child. Even a few minutes in a car when it’s 100 degrees outside is enough to seriously harm a child.