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Two Men Dead in Dallas Speeding Accident

There is no secret that speeding cause serious car accidents. This is the case for two men in North Texas who were involved in a fatal car wreck in Dallas. A Fatal Combination According to official reports, a car accident…

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Even After Drunk Driver Kills Boy, Sentenced to Prison, Families Have a Right to Compensation

We discuss: If you’re hurt by a drunk driver in Texas and they’re sentenced to prison, can you still sue them?  David Turano was sentenced to five to 12 years in prison after getting drunk and causing an auto wreck that…

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Fort Worth Police Officer and Wife Killed in Motorcycle Wreck

Typically when someone thinks of a traffic accident they think of a vehicular accident, such as the involvement of a car or truck. However, motorcycle accidents can be equally as dangerous – and even fatal. Motorcycle accident can be considered…

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Ford to Test Self-Driving Cars by 2018

When drivers think of Ford Motor Company, they think of many things. Some think of the first car designs in the United States that defined what cars should look and drive like. Others think of the founder, Henry Ford, and…

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Pickup Truck Overturns in Single-Vehicle Wreck in Tyler, Killing One

TYLER, TEXAS – One person died and another was hurt due to a wreck over the weekend on Texas Highway 31 East outside Tyler. Only one vehicle was involved in the wreck. According to police, the victim was 32-year-old Ponciano…

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Drunk Driver Kills Engaged Fort Worth Couple

One of the most irresponsible act that a person can do is to make the terrible decision of driving while drunk. This act not only places themselves at risk of being in an accident, it places the risk of other…

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How to Sue a Daycare For Your Child’s Injury

As a Fort Worth child injury attorney, I understand a parent’s anger, frustration and grief if their son or daughter has been injured while under someone else’s care. When you entrust your infant or toddler to a daycare, you put your…

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