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North Texas Sisters Pass Away in Hit-and-Run Wreck

Two students at a high school in Frisco – 16-year-old Peyton Weissman and her sister, 18-year-old Hayden – passed away Monday after a pickup truck hit the vehicle they were in. The accident occurred in Kyle, Texas, a city about…

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School Bus Overturns with Children Still Inside

We Discuss: My children ride the bus – am I putting them at risk? WAXAHACHIE, Texas – Officials say 12 elementary students were hurt last Tuesday after their school bus overturned on a North Texas highway just south of Dallas….

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One Dead, Paramedics Injured in Dallas Accident

Two paramedics were injured after 28-year-old Luis Cabrera crashed into an ambulance early Sunday morning. The accident occurred in Dallas, where first responders were at a scene of an accident near North Westmoreland Street and West Davis Street. Cabrera was…

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Pain and Suffering Damages in Texas: What’s the Law?

If you were hurt in a Texas accident and you file a claim against the person (company, people, etc.) who caused it, you’re entitled to different kinds of compensation. Texas courts most commonly award injured people money for: Medical expenses…

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Fort Worth Accident Delays Traffic

An accident that occurred in Fort Worth on westbound Loop 820 near Altamesa Boulevard caused traffic to slow on Monday afternoon. The accident took place when a vehicle crashed into a pillar. Although the factors surrounding the accident are not…

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Dyson to Release Electric Car by 2020

An unexpected entrance to the car world came from Dyson this week. Wait, are you talking about the England-based company that makes vacuums? Yes, that Dyson. Not only is Dyson entering the car manufacturing business, they are doing so by making a…

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Elevator Injury Claims – Common Issues and Proving Fault

Though elevator injuries might seem like something out of a comedy, the truth is that they’re very real and can be extremely costly. Most injuries caused by elevators have to do with poor elevator maintenance, which is either the responsibility of…

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