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Texas Laws for Child Daycare Centers

The state of Texas requires daycare centers to follow a certain set of standards that are designed to ensure the well-being for children and staff alike. The set of procedures, primarily written in the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services…

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What to Do When Your Doctor Refuses to Treat You After a Wreck

After you’ve been hurt in an accident, you expect your family doctor to help you. Many people think that they’re doing the right thing by avoiding a trip to the ER (if they can help it) and waiting instead to…

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Who’s At Fault After a U-Turn Accident in Texas?

Though most of us think of U-turns as a quick fix when we go the wrong way, this simple maneuver is notorious for causing car accidents. If you’re involved in a U-turn accident in Texas, you’re probably wondering who’s at fault. The…

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Compensation for an Amusement or Water Park Accident

When people hear about amusement park injuries, they automatically assume the worst: that someone fell off a rollercoaster or drowned in a water park. While these injuries do happen, they don’t make up the majority of amusement park injuries. More often,…

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17-Year-Old Crashes Vehicle Into Daycare

When parents leave their kids in a daycare center, they expect for their children to be well taken care of. This includes making sure that the daycare center is fully staffed and has positive reviews, routinely contacting the child’s teacher,…

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Leyes de Texas para Cuidado Infantil

El estado de Texas requiere que las guarderías sigan un cierto conjunto de normas que están diseñadas para asegurar el bienestar de los niños y el personal por igual. El conjunto de procedimientos, escritos principalmente en la guía del Departamento…

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Edinburg Biker Killed, No Action Planned by TxDOT

EDINBURG – After a motorcyclist was killed last October in an Edinburg intersection, citizens wondered if it was time for a change. The wreck was the sixth major collision in that intersection in a nine month period. However, TxDOT officials…

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