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How to Successfully Resolve a Storm Damage Claim

Springtime in Texas means heavy winds, rain, and other stormy weather. Although tornadoes can cause massive damage when they do touch down, such devastation is fortunately not widespread. Hail, on the otherhand, routinely causes massive damage to multiple properties. Hail…

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Toyota Recalls More Than Six Million Cars

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 6.39 million vehicles globally for a variety of problems spanning nearly 30 models in Japan, the U.S., Europe and other places. No injuries or crashes have been reported related to the recalls announced Wednesday. But…

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Why Law Makers Cannot Ignore Tracy Morgan Truck Wreck Case

It is always unfortunate when an auto accident causes serious injuries and death, but in the case of the wreck which left comedian and 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan in critical condition over the weekend, some good might ultimately come of it….

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To Park or Not to Park?

It is not secret that downtown Fort Worth has become an up-and-coming scene for new restaurants and plazas, which has helped draw thousands of residents and tourists around the country. Places like West 7th and Sundance Square, once regarded as western…

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South Texas Woman Runs Boyfriend Over – What’s The Penalty?

The Story CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Dena Gomez, the South Texas woman who ran her boyfriend over with a car and killed him, has been sentenced to probation and fined $10,000. Gomez ran her boyfriend, Alfrado Ayala Jr., over outside…

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“Back to the Future” Car to Become a Flying Reality

Many of us have seen the “Back to the Future” trilogy, a movie based on a teenager and scientist going back in time (and even to the future) in a car. The time machine that is used to transport these…

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Baby Left in Car Seat Suffocated in Closet

The great majority of people are aware of the potential dangers that a baby who has been left in a car seat can face. Being left in a car during the middle of summer or in the peak of winter…

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