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Google X Self-Driving Car is Becoming More of a Reality

Almost two years ago I blogged about the beginnings of Google’s self-driving car. Now, this somewhat abstract idea is becoming more and more of a reality. Two years ago Google had begun testing their self-driving cars on public roads, and they had…

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Leyes de Compensación de Trabajadores en Texas

Si usted fue herido en el trabajo, podría tener derecho a dinero para pagar por sus lesiones, salarios perdidos y futuras facturas médicas. Además, si usted fue herido por un tercero mientras trabajaba, Texas le permite hacer una reclamación de…

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Lost Puppy Is Found Following Terrible Truck Wreck

Not all truck accidents involve the serious injury of people…sometimes they involve the injury of animals who were in the vehicles involved. This is the case for a puppy that lost her way after being in a terrible truck wreck….

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Here’s What to Do if Your Accident Claim Was Denied by the Insurance Company

After you’ve been paying monthly premiums for years, car insurance denial can be angering and costly. Similarly, if you’ve been hit by another driver and their insurance company isn’t cooperating, it can lead to stress and frustration. But you don’t have…

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18-Wheeler Crash Lets Pigs Loose

While the majority of traffic accidents involving 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles are very dangerous, there are some that involve strange events. There have been semi-truck accidents involving truck drivers that were intoxicated, falling asleep on the wheel, texting…

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Lillian’s Law: What it Means for Texas Dog Bite Victims

As a Fort Worth dog bite attorney, I know that injuries suffered in attacks by vicious dogs can be extremely severe. Although dogs are commonly regarded as domesticated pets, they are still animals with impulses. When a dog attacks a…

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Legal Rights of Spouses Injured as Passengers in Fort Worth Car Wrecks

Under Texas law, anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle collision resulting from someone else’s negligence has the right to make a legal claim for compensation against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, as a Fort Worth personal…

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