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Car Collision with Bicyclists Leads to Strange Lawsuit Situation

A crash that involved a collision between a driver and multiple bicyclists from 2012 is still making the news due to its strange circumstances. On October 28, 2012, three boys were riding their bikes on a rural road in Toronto…

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Car Crashes into Semi, 3 Dead

A passenger car travelling at speeds over 100 mph crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler early Wednesday morning. The crash took place on I-30 eastbound at Ferguson Road. According to reports, the force of the car hitting the 18-wheeler…

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DART Bus Rear-Ended | Accident Lawyer Shares the Four-Second Rule

DALLAS – Early this Tuesday morning, a woman rear-ended a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus. The woman and the passenger in her car were taken to a hospital, though it’s currently unclear how severe their injuries are. No one…

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Only In America: A Celebration of Our Nation’s Weirdest Traffic Laws

Fourth of July is an opportunity to celebrate everything that makes our country great: our history, our diversity, and despite the width and breath of these great lands, those little peculiarities which will forever be just local. This Independence Day,…

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Drunk Driver Kills Fort Worth Couple Who Were Engaged

One of the most irresponsible act that a person can do is to make the terrible decision of driving while drunk. This act not only places themselves at risk of being in an accident, it places the risk of other…

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Garbage Truck Driver Killed in Collision With 18-Wheeler

A Texas man has been killed in a motor vehicle collision between a garbage truck and an 18-wheeler in Midland, TX. David Bailey, 46, was a sanitation driver employed by the City of Midland. On Tuesday, he was test driving a garbage…

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Fort Worth Distracted Driver Hits a Group of Motorcyclists

Three members of the Fort Worth Harley Owners Group were injured Saturday when a van careened into a group of 60 plus motorcyclists.  The group was on its way to Cornerstone Assistance Services in Fort Worth to celebrate a recent…

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