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Gasoline Tanker Wrecks With Six Vehicles in Dallas

As frequent drivers in North Texas know, it is not rare for roads and highways to be congested or backed up, especially due to the recent highway construction taking place. However, as drivers also know, it is not necessarily uncommon…

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Christmas Light Fires | Here’s How to Avoid Them

Now that November is wrapped up, many people have begun (even as early as before the Thanksgiving weekend) to prepare their homes for December’s biggest day: Christmas. This includes storing away fall decorations and putting in their place wreaths, nativity…

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An Overview of I-10 18-Wheeler Wreck and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

At least two people are confirmed dead after an 18-wheeler crash this morning on westbound I-20. Investigators believe a vehicle rear-ended the back of a semi truck, causing the truck’s fuel tank to explode and a fire to erupt. The…

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Stolen Car Crashes into Dallas House

At around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dallas police officers and emergency personnel responded to the scene of a car accident. However, this was no car accident. Reports note that the driver of a stolen vehicle crashed into a house after…

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Lubbock Trash Truck and Pickup Collide; Can You Make a Claim Against the City?

LUBBOCK – Early Monday afternoon, a trash truck and a Dodge pickup collided at the intersection of FM 2528 and FM 1729. The driver of the Dodge pickup, 38-year-old David Benham, was seriously injured in the wreck and was transported…

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Multiple Parties Sued Following Uber Car Wreck

With new technologies, it appears that there has accompanied an increase in accidents related to these new innovations. Car companies such as Uber, Lyft, and other smartphone-related transportation businesses have not only had their share of profit gain, but have…

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Truck Wreck in South Texas Leaves Five Dead

Five men were killed in a fire last Thursday after their van crashed into a crude oil tanker truck. The oil tanker truck was traveling on a highway in a South Texas oil field when the pickup in front of…

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